We help successful business owners transform their old website into a powerful mobile friendly, secure, easy to use platform, so they can enjoy more leads and more income without working harder, even if they think it’s a dream. We do that through exceptional video support, Fort Knox-like security, consulting, workshops and providing insights on publishing that will make Google and your customers love your site. If you are ready to step it up a notch and take control, simply complete my Website Worksheet to get started.


Responsive Websites

Those websites that look great on all mobile devices! Ensure your customers can access your content on their phones and tablets.
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Making Magic Happen...

Keeping it simple is what we try to do. Sure we have loads of features & benefits, but essentially you need a great looking, easy to use website. A way to get more leads, easily add content and learn more on how to grow your business.

Web Design

A good website is primarily a combination of quality content and good design which impresses your customers. When a good amount of traffic flows to your website, it helps you gain popularity and make more profits.

Email Marketing

The success of a business relies on minimising expenses and maximising sales. Email marketing is an important tool for any business that wants to be successful in marketing and advertising its products and services.

Content Marketing

With a content strategy and content for your website, newsletters social media and more, you get to show your potential clients you are a thought leader in your business or industry. We show you what you need to know; build in some amazing and easy to use content tools for your website.


The Business Club for driven business owners looking to be inspired, learn & connect. No Membership fees! Ever.


All our websites come with a built in manual and training videos to ensure you are using the website fully. We also hold business and training events to help grow your business and upskill you and your team.

"A solution will always present itself"

DANIEL DOHERTY Ideas Machine & Chief Wizard

Work with a Wizard

Meet your new web developer - Daniel Doherty.

For over 14 years Daniel has built his business on technology to help business owners, entrepreneurs, sports and recreation clubs & organisations publish their business online. With a keen eye for detail and constantly firing on all cylinders with ideas - Daniel collaborates with other like minded creatives in the online and offline space to deliver you your desired outcomes. "What does success look like in 12 months?"

What they say about us

Daniel, thank you for going above and beyond on our website project. You have delivered a product to us that would not be the same if delivered by anyone else. You are constantly working on ideas for us in the background and looking at ways that we can improve our business. You have made building and working on these 144 websites fun, you have been very real, accessible, always have worked and thought out of the square and have been really easy to deal with and get along with. Your personality has been a major part of this product. We appreciate that you have taken so much time to get to know our business and to actually care about what we have wanted and required on this project. This project has been one of the most enjoyable things I have worked on in the last 8 years. Over the build of our websites our website team which includes MerlinFX have built a strong bond which is appreciated and we look forward to a long term business relationship with MerlinFX.

Daniel has created our website and has provided expert guidance on matters concerning social media. The results have been effective, outstanding and on time. I have found him to be a cheery chap with a wicked sense of humour, and would recommend him for all your IT needs.

I was never unsure at all in dealing with MerlinFX.

In fact, after dealing with MerlinFX for the Ulysses Club website I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

We received a website that is good and easy to use.

I would recommend any person or business looking to get a good website.

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Security & Peace of Mind

Fort Knox like security. We sleep well at night knowing our sites are constantly monitored, scanned, updated and protected.

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Collaborative Minds

Most agencies can boast "all under one roof" and whilst that may be the case with the design element, you may find that other specialised areas are in fact outsourced too. It's just managed all by the agency.
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