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5 Things Every Small Business Can Fix In Their Website In The Next Week To Increase Leads

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Keeping it simple is what we try to do. Sure we have loads of features & benefits, but essentially you need a great looking, easy to use website. A way to get more leads, easily add content and learn more on how to grow your business.

Responsive Website Design

A good website is primarily a combination of quality content and good design which impresses your customers and allows your website to be viewed anywhere on any device.

Insane Security

Insanely great security. We sleep well at night knowing our sites are constantly monitored, scanned, updated and protected. 

Training & Support

All our websites come with a built in manual and training videos to ensure you are using the website fully. Coaching Calls and Webinars. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important tool for any business that wants to be successful in marketing and advertising its products and services.

Marketing Automation

Hoping to scale your business to set new productivity and profitability benchmarks?

Business Automation

Did you know there’s immediately available relief from the tedium of everyday, manually-performed business processes?

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Therese Canty

"... has provided consistently outstanding customer service and website support. The best part of the service has been Dan's efficiency and competency, completing whatever task we needed in a very prompt and satisfactory manner. I would recommend MerlinFX to people who may not be particularly tech savvy / familiar with website design as the process of learning is so well supported by the MerlinFX staff."

- Therese Canty, AVCAT


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"MerlinFX has been a great support to the Ulysses Club for many years now and so I was confident that Dan could handle the development of the new website. Working with Dan has been a great experience. I'd recommend this service to anyone who wants to communicate and reach out to people - in our case it's about promoting the club and attracting new members. Dan has been so easy to work with, and works extremely hard, so we knew he would deliver what he had said was possible. And he did - and continues to suggest better ideas for us to consider and then implement. MerlinFX had delivered not just a great website but a media platform that takes us well beyond what we had hoped for!"

- Jennifer Woods, The Ulysses Club Inc

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The world is constantly changing and so should your business. Evolving constantly to keep up to date is something we believe in.


We are passionate about helping our clients build the smartest business they can using automation, technology and best practice. Business goes beyond a website.


It is important to us to develop a strong relationship with our clients. Our commitment to you doesn't stop when your website is built, it is ongoing.