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About Us

At MerlinFX, the more we elevate your success, the more we elevate ourselves.

That’s more than a slogan—it’s a goal we relentlessly work towards daily. Whether it’s helpful consultation or jumping in and directly building a web presence for you, we’re dedicated to getting it right the first go-around.

Every time.

How MerlinFX is Different

MerlinFX has won Business of the Year and nabbed a Business Services award.

The realisation of these achievements goes back to how MerlinFX survived the gauntlet that was the early Internet.

With more than 17 years in the business, we’ve developed a focused acumen through navigating a time when websites were simply not easy to build. There weren’t automated tools and sophisticated, well-iterated web development platforms and content management systems. And that’s what so intrigued MerlinFX owner/Chief Wizard, Daniel Doherty: The unique thrill of creating something from nothing.

After more than a decade and a half, we are skilled surfers of the wild Internet wave. We’ve seen it all, learned incredible lessons, and continue to evolve and innovate as we work hand-in-hand with businesses large and small.

We don’t just push the envelope. We rocket launch it to entirely new dimensions, realising new heights in client fulfillment along the way.

MerlinFX accomplishes the above through our expertise in automation, ONTRAPORT (marketing automation), WordPress, and sophisticated consultation services.


Owner Daniel Doherty loves making magic happen. And there’s no easier way to make incredible things happen than through automation.

We can now leverage today’s technology to both streamline individual workflows and increase operational efficiency company-wide. There is a menagerie of mega-tools that we can introduce you to that will effectively put many aspects of your business on blissful “autopilot.”

Automation isn’t simply something we idly recommend, either—there’s not a single component or process at MerlinFX that doesn’t benefit from the power of automation in some manner. When you consult with us, we’ll show you the right tools and processes to utilise and then help you tailor each to your specific needs.

Learn more about our business automation and marketing automation services.


We’ve discovered first-hand how WordPress can make business life so much easier. Now, with five years behind-the-wheel of this content management juggernaut, we can’t wait to share with you all the invaluable lessons we’ve learned.

WordPress is cost-effective, versatile, and quite simply the best choice for our clients. And we can guarantee “insane” security for all your online content marketing efforts.

And when we say insane security, we mean it. To date, not a single one of our WordPress sites have been hacked. We team an incredible web host that continues to evolve and provides great support, and when you work with MerlinFX, you’ll be working with them, too.

Learn more about our WordPress wizardry.


Consultation Services Courtesy the “Ideas Machine”

Beyond offering the above services, MerlinFX is primed to offer consultation on employing many of the business world’s hottest strategies and tools.

How do we do it? It’s a combination of our sweeping knowledge of CRM, automation, web development, and content creation. Oh, and our resident “Ideas Machine,” MerlinFX owner Daniel Doherty.

Daniel earned the nickname “Merlin” in high school thanks to his prodigious creativity… that, and his penchant for playing Dungeons & Dragons. By age 35, however, his sister dubbed him the “Ideas Machine,” and Daniel soon realised the Internet afforded him the opportunity to offer clients more than a website.

Today, Daniel makes his ideas reality through solving business pain points and elevating companies past productivity plateaus. If you’re struggling to achieve the “next level,” consultation services are part of the backbone of what separates MerlinFX from the field.

We also create separation from the pack through a couple of very special business divisions: Blend All Ingredients and Content Kitchen.

Content Kitchen

Writing a blog post may seem simple, but crafting a purposeful post that serves up delicious content to your audience isn’t.

That’s where Content Kitchen comes in. We’ve teamed up with my partner Cindy Reid to offer a service centered exclusively on starting, building, and publishing a blog that can sate the appetite of even the most voracious audience thanks to content that has that “secret sauce.”

Learn how Content Kitchen can establish you as an expert in your field.

Blend All Ingredients

We love WordPress, web development, and automation processes. We also really, really dig the hospitality industry.

Blend All Ingredients provides MerlinFX a vehicle for specifically zeroing in on the incredible opportunities afforded by the hospitality industry. It allows us to apply a laser focus on aiding cafes, pubs, restaurants, food service entities, and boutique operations with every ingredient they need to enjoy a wickedly wonderful recipe for success.

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