5 Things Every Small Business Can Fix In Their Website In The Next Week To Increase Leads

Most agencies can boast “all under one roof” and whilst that may be the case with the design element, you may find that other specialised areas are in fact outsourced too. It’s just managed all by the agency. We like to make the distinction and be totally transparent. We're great at web development and work with a collaborative team of experts in their chosen field.

We partner with Fluid Marketing for Brand Management.

Fluid Marketing – Design and Brand Agency

An artist was asked by a young fellow how long it took him to paint the painting that he was looking at. The artist replied 50 years. The young man looked astonished “you started that 50 years ago?” the artist smiled ruefully “No, not this painting, but I started painting 50 years ago and all that I’ve learned along the way is in this painting.”  Experience cannot be bought, it must be earned.

Brand is everything – the personality of your business writ large and there for all the world to see.

What does your company’s brand say to the world? How effectively does your branding communicate to the market what you do? Does your branding position your company the way you want it to?

The development of a brand is more than just creating a logo, it's more than grabbing the “now” colours. You can completely mislead the market with the wrong logo, or poorly position the business using colours that are fashionable today but inappropriate for how you want you business to be viewed.

Fluid Marketing works with its clients to dig a little deeper, work out where a company is relative to the market and the audience it seeks to engage with. Then we develop the branding – Logo, Corporate Colours, Tagline and fonts to be used across all customer touch points – ensuring consistency of brand and message wherever the market comes into contact with the company.

Of course you can get a logo online for $5, if that’s all you think your business is worth – go right ahead. But, if you want to build your business into something substantial and long lasting, branding is the platform upon which you build for the future.

In the digital age where previously difficult tasks have been made immensely simpler, it is important to remember that even though something can be done easily and cheaply, the results are dependant on the knowledge that informs the decision-making.

Design and Branding – Communicating or just making pretty shapes?

Your company, you decide.

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