5 Things Every Small Business Can Fix In Their Website In The Next Week To Increase Leads

Hoping to scale your business to set new productivity and profitability benchmarks?

You need marketing automation.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has arrived to save you and your team from the tiresome slog of daily manual processes.

It’s all achieved through the latest productivity technology, which serves to automate processes to achieve greater efficiency by utilizing potent, data-driven software. Marketing teams are spared the drudgery of manually carrying out tedious, recurring daily tasks, and marketing efforts are heightened as a result.

If you’re not already on-board with marketing automation, you’re missing out. EmailMonday’s “The Ultimate Marketing Automation Stats” report points out that on average, more than half of all B2B (business-to-business) companies (55%!) are currently leveraging the power of automation technology to streamline their marketing workflows.

What Are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

When we take the time to dial down into the beneficial elements of marking automation, we can quickly and clearly surmise why so many businesses are jumping aboard.

Spamming leads with ‘dumb,’ impersonal email campaigns is known to be a comparatively weak solution. By contrast, marketing automation software affords the user the opportunity to engage in data-driven nurturing. Specifically, the technology opens up access to triumphant amounts of data—much of which is real-time—which can then be leveraged to craft truly tailored marketing materials specifically targeted to your sales leads. These communications can then include:

  • Lead location
  • Lead interests (products, services, et cetera)
  • Email marketing statistics

Topping it all off, this University of Buffalo study illustrates that automation of business processes, including marketing, results in greater efficiency and happier customers. And when customers are happier, repeat sales tend to follow.

Thus, in sum, marketing automation provides the following overall benefits:

  1. Greater marketing efficiency through fewer manual processes
  2. Greater, more relevant data for use in marketing campaigns
  3. Happier employees
  4. Happier customers

Why MerlinFX?

MerlinFX is comprised of a sublime team of qualified experts with more than 15 years of aggregate experience—greater than ten of which is in the field of marketing automation.

At MerlinFX, we work collaboratively to brainstorm creative methods for leveraging the latest technology, all for the purposes of serving our clients. We pull daily on our automation background in order to excel at placing our clients in a position to succeed.

Further, we understand the top four areas in marketing automation are email, lead nurturing, customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile and social engagement, and cross-channel campaign management. As such, we employ powerful solutions tailored for each segment, incorporating:

  • ONTRAPORT and Active Campaign or Campaign Monitor for email marketing
  • ONTRAPORT for customer relationship management (CRM)
  • ONTRAPORT and Active Campaign for lead nurturing
  • eClincher or ONTRAPORT’s SMS features for mobile and social

Additionally, we utilise only the latest open source Content Management Systems (CMS) in order to achieve measurable results on your behalf. This is critical, as pulling leads requires an offer made via a CTA (call-to-action) on a website or social channel that directs the user to a landing page.

Towards that end, each of our WordPress-deployed websites comes built-in with the capability to build unlimited numbers of these landing pages, with the opportunity to either create your own page or tweak an existing theme. Also, each of our WordPress landing pages can be saved for later use and instantly deployment at a time of your choosing—no need to contact us or seek technical assistance, although the option is always available.

It all boils down to this: At MerlinFX, web development and marketing automation are our specialities. Whether you require only a bit of help or the entire package, we’ll work with outside agencies or your in-house designers to deliver a final product with incredible fit-and-finish… a product you’ll be proud to stand behind.

Ready to embrace marketing automation and move your business’s processes and efficiencies forward? Contact us today at 1300 850 605 to discuss your project!

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