5 Things Every Small Business Can Fix In Their Website In The Next Week To Increase Leads

Most agencies can boast “all under one roof” and whilst that may be the case with the design element, you may find that other specialised areas are in fact outsourced too. It’s just managed all by the agency. We like to make the distinction and be totally transparent. We're great at web development, CRM (customer relationship management) software and business automation and work with a collaborative team of experts in their chosen field.

We partner with ReachLocal for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services.


ReachLocal Is A Google Premier SME Partner. They connect local businesses with more customers by working with top global brands that power all the places consumers search, surf, and socialise online.

Elevate your position on search engines with their expertly managed search advertising, modern SEO, and an optimised website, which all work together to get you more visits, leads, and customers.


Unlike other providers who only provide Google AdWords™, ReachLocal get you reach across a ton of providers, improving your ability to capture more leads.


When you work with us and ReachLocal your website comes bundled with powerful lead conversion software that tracks where your leads are coming from, so you know what's working best. The software also captures information, like email addresses and phone numbers from new contacts, and saves it to a built-in contact list.


ReachLocal has a straightforward reporting system that let's you see how well your marketing is working by source. You get a full picture of where your leads are coming from, conversion rates, potential revenue from your new customers, and more.



When was the last time you asked yourself if your business’s web presence is offering value to your customers and clients?

If you haven’t attempted to answer that question lately, you’re neglecting your duty to yourself, your employees, and your stakeholders. This is because business success in today’s society is increasingly tied to the value of your web presence.

Even if you’ve previously sought to measure the strength of your web presence, your methodology may be too limited or too outdated. This is because assessing your web presence involves a hodgepodge of considerations that act as a moving target. Technology constantly evolves, and with this evolution comes the necessity to adjust the means by which you measure your website’s:

  1. SEO performance
  2. Search engine visibility
  3. Content strategy
  4. Email efforts
  5. Social media endeavors

If you evolve the manner in which you analyze the above, you can increase website visibility. And with increased website visibility comes more visitors, which can lead to more customers and greater sales.

With your bottom line on-the-line, so to speak, there’s no better time for your business to experience the benefits of a Web Presence Audit.

A web presence audit is more than Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your business site. Instead, it’s a potent, comprehensive solution delivering powerful research and analysis of your web presence.

Even better, web presence audits like those offered by our friends at ReachLocal come with thoughtful, actionable recommendations on how you can move forward and improve your site. ReachLocal understands not everyone at your company is a whizkid tech superstar, so every recommendation is written in plain, clear English.

Here’s a little more about what your business’s web presence audit will include:

Professional Analysis. Again, this is more than a little SEO tweaking. Your web presence audit will come stocked with sophisticated analysis of your digital marketing efforts, content strategy, search engine visibility, and more.

Actionable Recommendations. Packed with actionable advice, your web presence audit will put your company on the path to increased visibility and the potential for greater sales.
Meeting. Still worried about digesting everything that’s included in the audit? You’ll meet with a  ReachLocal contact that’s will clarify any of the findings in your report.

Now, here’s the best part:

Our unique partnership with ReachLocal affords us the opportunity to offer you all the benefits of their web presence assessment service at zero cost.

That’s right. FREE.

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