5 Things Every Small Business Can Fix In Their Website In The Next Week To Increase Leads

Why WordPress?

WordPress powers more than 58% of the world's websites and is by far the most popular Content Management system on the planet.

You can easily add your own blog posts, pages, images, embed video and audio and much more.

Why choose MerlinFX?

We've been developing websites for over 15 years using various platforms from fully customised to .NET (DNN) to WordPress. WordPress is what we love to work with. It is easy to work with and provides us with many options.

We only use tried and true premium plugins. A plugin is what adds the power to WordPress making it extremely versatile.

Like WordPress, we are in a constant state of evolution. All our WordPress websites are updated weekly and all the infrastructure and security is also at the bleeding edge of technology.

WordPress Custom Design

We create a custom designed website for you or work with other agencies to convert their designs into beautiful responsive (mobile friendly) websites.

WordPress Choose a Design

We have an option where we can rapidly deploy a beautiful responsive website design for you with a number of pre-designed options available. The development life cycle is shortened and the price point differs. We still include all our standard inclusions but without the overhead of designers, project manager and programmer.

Ask about our Magic Box design options.

More about WordPress

Big companies to small. WordPress is used by well-known brands such as Tech Crunch, Sony, MTV News, Xerox, Ford and Beyonce to power their business and brand.

Key advantages using WordPress are:

Powerful right out of the box

Without beautification and plugins added, WordPress is ready to go out of the box. Built-in commenting system, RSS feeds, revisions and more).


Whether it is blog, eCommerce store or business site WordPress is extremely versatile to meet your needs.

Search engine friendly

Search engines like websites that are easy to crawl and WordPress has this already baked in. Google's Matt Cutts endorses WordPress.

Safe and secure

Since WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) , it is of no surprise it is a target for hackers. WordPress takes its security seriously. We also add several other layers of security to the WordPress layer, server, firewall and data centre. Plus local and offsite backups and continuous uptime monitoring.


From design to function, WordPress is highly customisable. We include extra functionality to allow you more granular control over the design of your website without the need to know how to program a single line of code.

Easy to use

If you can use Word, you can use WordPress. It is actually easier to use WordPress to publish your content.

Lots of support

Apart from our own support, the support of our partners, the WordPress community is second to none. We belong to several groups free to premium paid ones and the community is incredible. 

Hosts multimedia

Easily embed your media from any video hosting service like YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. Embed audio from SoundCloud or add links from Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Easily embed social media posts as well from Facebook or Twitter. Allow the conversation to live on and increase engagement.

Mobile friendly

All our designs including our pre-designs are all mobile responsive. 


WordPress integrates with many popular cloud services out of the box. With the addition of a few integration plugins you can turn your WordPress website into an automation powerhouse. For example we integrate our websites with OntraPort and Zapier. 

OntraPort is a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that is more than a CRM but a powerful system that totally automates your business. 

Zapier is what I call the "magic glue" of the internet. It makes cloud services talk to other cloud services. About 300+ different services and is extraordinarily powerful. Want super powers? Look at OntraPort and Zapier.

Easy to manage

WordPress includes its own built-in updater. It notifies you when it's time to update the core or a plugin. But we understand that clients do not get to update or look at their website weekly. So we include this for you as part of our standard inclusions

More than just a blog

Whilst WordPress has a great reputation as a blogging platform, it can also be used as a website. You can natively create a blog post (Posts menu) or create static pages like About or Contact us (Pages menu). Nothing to add here. It is ready to go. 

Keeps your site looking fresh

With our easy to use Page Builder allowing you more granular control over your design, you can easily update your website with a special Christmas or Easter banner. Locate your file upload and insert and publish the page. Easily saves rows and sections for later use to make creating pages even quicker.

Schedule posts

Schedule posts in advance. Go on that break or know that when you are busy in a meeting or lying on the beach that a bunch of your blog posts will post automatically at a time that best suits you and your customers. 

Multi-user capability

WordPress is aware that there may need to be a workflow and/or there are users with different capabilities. So to you can assign different powers to different types of users. Essentially these are known as Roles. Administrator, Editor, Author and so on. Each Role has a certain level of access. Roles are assigned to your Users (People) who are the web developers, programmers, designers, your staff, guest bloggers and so on. 

WordPress keeps getting better

WordPress hires top developers to continue to build on and develop the software. Since WordPress is used by millions of people and numerous WordPress communities everywhere are all supportive of the WordPress eco-system the user experience will only continue to thrive and be evolve. 

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